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Chirp Radio

Audio-sharing SNS Android application.
Say anything you want!

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Focus Time Log

Time logging Android application.
Stop wasting time; keep track of how much time you spent on things!

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Memory Game

A memory testing web game.
Can you remember what color you just saw?

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UW Campus Guide

Designed to make navigation and touring through the UW campus easier for students and visitors!

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Speak Out. Express yourself through your voice!

  Record your voice, share, and connect with people.

  Upload your recordings to your channel.

  Explore and follow other people.

  See the latest newsfeed under Home.

  There are still more features to come!

Stop Procrastinating. Keep track of daily activities for better productivity.

  Create a page and start recording!

  Keep track of the time of sessions using a stop watch.

  The stop watch keeps running even when the app is closed!

How good is your sensory memory? Test yourself.

  Memorize a color in one second.

  Then, of the three colors, identify the color they previously saw.

  If you take too long or pick the wrong color, the game ends.

  Share the game on facebook after you are done playing!


Navigate the Campus with Ease. UW Campus Guide.

  View campus buildings with the app's camera view.

  Building's name will appear on screen.

  Click on the name of the building to see building's info.

  Also find routes between buildings for fast navigation!